Sammy’s Woodland Smokes are smooth, great tasting hemp flower cigarettes that are rich in CBD, 100% additive free, won’t get you high or leave you with cravings. They also plant trees where the world needs them most through our partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED.

  • Our smokes are made of top-shelf Sour Space Candy hemp flower, additive-free papers and biodegradable filters.

    Sour Space Candy is a Sativa-dominant strain of hemp best known for it’s high CBD content, it’s earthy, peppery aroma and it’s uplifting feel.*

  • · 7 grams of Premium Hemp Flower/pack

    · 10.41% CBD (View Our COA)

    · 10.41 mg of CBD per cigarette

    · 104.1 mg of CBD per pack

    · Guaranteed less than 0.2% THC (Tested at 1.6%)

    · 100% Biodegradable & Unbleached Filters

    · No Chemical Additives or Nicotine

    · Grown in Oregon

    · NO Tobacco or Biomass

    · 3-5 Day Shipping

  • Give Back With Every Pack. Every carton of Sammy’s sold fights climate change through our partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED™, a non-profit organization that plants trees in places that need them most, all over the world.

    Give Back 

Set yourself up to succeed.

Hemp smokes can be an effective stop gap for those trying to quit smoking THC or Tobacco. They have also been documented in use for recovery of more severe additions, and although our statements on Hemp Cigarettes haven’t yet been evaluated or approved by the FDA, It’s easy to see how hemp smokes can help someone in recovery. They can provide a tactile & oral smoking fix, the fast acting CBD can be a powerful tool for relaxation & rejuvenation; taking that edge off quickly and holistically. The hemp in Sammy’s also make them non intoxicating, leaving smokers without a strong high, or low, all without creating a new avenue for addiction for the person as some have experienced with nicotine vape or opioid replacement therapies. Something we hear most from our customers is, “just one Sammy’s before bed will keep my cravings away and allow me to get a good nights sleep”. Remember, people’s reactions can be different *and all consumables should be taken with an understanding, care and moderation. You’re welcome to send us an email if you have questions!


We Plant Trees for Every Product Sold.

Our earth has a tree shortage, especially after all the recent wildfires both close to our base in the Pacific Northwest, but also across the world in Australia, South America and many others. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, every time you buy Sammy’s Woodland Smokes, we plant trees where they’re most needed, and where the local ecosystem will benefit. We’re working hard to reach our goal of planting 1 Billion Trees before 2030.